I hate that mental illness is invisible!

Hier hinein gehören alle Informationen und Fragen zum Thema beruflicher und sozialer Wiedereingliederung nach und bei psychischer Erkrankung
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I hate that mental illness is invisible!

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Because I am not gushing blood, because there is no lump to point to that proves there is something wrong with me, people disregard whatever is wrong with me and it is infuriating.The mental health professionals that I have dealt with over the past few days have told me that they believe nothing is wrong and that I am lying about my symptoms. There is no way to prove to them that their assertion is untrue.What this means in the long run is that I have absolutely no access whatsoever to mental health services. None. None at all. Talking to people about it is like screaming into a void. It is unbearable.

Please help.

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Re: I hate that mental illness is invisible!

Beitragvon Laura » Di 24. Jul 2018, 15:21

Advertise your business website where it makes sense before you fake problems in a forum which was designed for people with real problems, also with real problems with being disregarded. After all, what does that online video company, which surely wants money, have to do with your supposed search of mental help?
Es ist o. k., wenn nicht alles supertoll ist. Wenn alles supertoll wäre, dann wäre alles nur noch o. k.

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